Why choose a professional caterer over a restaurant?

We get this question a lot. And whenever we do, people have an “ah ha!” moment. Let’s go over a few reasons why you should choose a professional catering service over a restaurant catering service and you can have your own “ah-ha!” moment.

  1. When you choose a catering service, you are using people that specialize in providing food for large quantities of people. Not only do they know how to make enough food for your guests, but they know how to make it all at the same time. Restaurants make a lot of meals, but it is over the course of an entire day. A catering service has the ability to make it all at once. That ensures that the food is consistent.
  2. A professional catering service like Rockwell Catering and Events does all the work FOR YOU! When you use a restaurant, you are stuck setting up the buffet, serving the food and cleaning it up. Rockwell Catering comes in with our servers a few hours before your event and prepares your venue. We make sure everything is set out and ready. And because we have done this over and over again, we don’t forget anything. We also clean up during your event so you can relax. Let us handle the dirty work!
  3. When you use a restaurant, they are going to drop off your food in foil trays with plastic serving utensils. With a professional catering service, you are going to get the real stuff. Real pans with chafing dishes to keep your food warm. No flimsy serveware, but solid serving spoons and tongs.
  4. When you use a professional catering service over a restaurant, you are supporting a small local business! You can feel good knowing you helped keep money in your community!

Need more convincing? Give us a call. Let’s book a free tasting for you and chat about your event and how we can make it special for you!

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