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Wedding Etiquette: Who is supposed to pay for what?


When you dive into wedding planning, you will quickly notice there are a few unsaid rules and traditions. The dress should be white, the cake should be tiered, the music should be classical. There are all kinds of traditions and one of them is who is supposed to pay for what.

According to, the groom’s parents should pay for the following:
The marriage license
Officiant’s fee
Florals, including bride’s bouquet
Groomsmen gifts
Reception DJ, band or other musical entertainment

Next, the bride’s parents should pay for the following:
Bridesmaids gifts
Wedding dress and veil
Event rentals
Wedding invitations
Wedding reception
Transportation from wedding to reception
While there are all these traditions, in the end, you should do what your family thinks in best. If
needs be, throw out the rule book and just do what you all think will work!

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