Welcome to 2020! It’s a new decade full of new possibilities. And we are pumped about it! We are already busy with customer tastings for wedding catering in Provo and beyond in 2020. It feels good to start the year off on such a good foot! We have met couples that are planning big, extravagant weddings and customers wanting something smaller and more intimate and exclusive. It’s always fun to plan a new event. With every event comes ideas, plans and excitement. Each of our customers are looking for guidance and we feel like we are just the people to do it!

Are you looking to plan an event in 2020? Or maybe even 2021? We would love to help you along in your process. We have catered hundreds of weddings all over Utah in the past 10 years and we feel like our experience can help you plan a seamless event. As you begin planning your wedding, corporate event or banquet, here are a few questions to ask yourself. Answering these will help you as you plan.

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How many guests will you be expecting?

The size of your event will be what determines your price per person. The higher the number of guests, the lower the price per person. For example, a buffet for 100 people will begin at $17 per person. If you are upwards of 200 guests, the price will come down a dollar or two. If you go above 300, you will most likely be around $12 per person. So if you can give the most accurate guess possible, we will be able to provide you with a more exact quote for your wedding catering in Provo.

If you don’t know how many people will be attending your event, that is totally fine. Just book for a minimum number. We can always go up from there no problem. For example, we had a customer that booked for a high school football banquet. She was unsure how many people would end up coming, so we booked for 125 people. The week before the event, she got a final headcount of 230. So we tacked on the extra amount for those extra people to the final balance. We can always add on more guests just a couple days before the event. No big deal

We are often asked what the minimum amount of people is that we will cater for. We try not to go below 100 people. Once you go below 100, our costs go up and the price per person has to increase, if that makes any sense. So we are happy to cater for 60 people, but we have to increase the price per person by a few dollars.

wedding catering in provo

What kind of food do you have in mind?

As you start talking to your partner about your wedding catering in Provo, discuss what kind of food you have in mind. Are you looking for something traditional, like meat and potatoes-type of food? Have you been thinking of going more seasonal with a holiday menu for your December wedding or BBQ for your July wedding? Maybe you want to flip it all upside down and do BBQ in December with a taco bar! Whatever ideas you come up with, let chat about them. We can give you ideas or come up with solutions to make your wild dreams come true.

Something else to consider about the food is if you want it buffet-served or done as a sit-down service. We can also do a huge variety of appetizers that are tray-served. Have you ever heard of a station party? That is where we have multiple small buffets with various types of food. Like a salad station, a taco station, a pasta station and a BBQ station. Often we have customers assume a station party is really expensive, but you would be surprised. If the event is for 200 people, we would have enough food for the stations that would feed 200 people a variety of food, not necessarily 200 servings of tacos, 200 servings of BBQ and so on.

If you have no idea what food you would like served at your event, take a look at our menu and see if anything sparks your interest. We can help you figure out the best solution to please everyone coming to your event. Everyone from Grandma Ruth to your 6 year old twin nephews, we have you covered!

wedding catering in provo

Where will your event be held?

There are all kinds of factors that need to be looked at for an event, and where it will be held is a big one. There are all kinds of styles of event venues. If you like outdoors, Alta Peruvian Lodge is breathtaking. Another great outdoor space is This Is The Place. We also really love the Tracy Aviary. If you are wanting an indoor space, give Noahs in South Jordan a visit. We also recommend the Jaden Events Center at Trolley Square. If you are looking for opulence, try the State Capitol. For something more intimate for your wedding catering in Provo, Southworth Hall is ideal.

What’s most important when choosing a venue is knowing an approximate number of people that will be attending. The bigger the venue, the higher the rental price. And you would hate to have a bigger venue than you can use. Many people will book their venue before booking their caterer. This is a smart move because a venue can’t have two events going on in the same space. But a caterer often has multiple events on a single day. For us personally, we prefer to only do up to two events in one day. After two, wedding catering in Provo can be difficult. And we would rather not compromise quality for quantity.

Do you have more questions?

We only covered just a few of the many questions you might have when planning your wedding catering in Provo. We would love to answer any more you might have. Feel free to drop us a line or shoot us an email. We will always get back to you. If you use the handy little contact form, rest assured that we answer those promptly as well. We can’t wait to chat with you and help you as you plan your big day!