One of many

One quick Google search will turn up loads of Utah caterers. And guess what, we are totally fine with that! We have a theory that there is plenty of work for all of us to go around. And we also believe in the karma of creating good relationships with the people in our same line of work. It doesn’t do anyone any good to talk poorly about other companies. We all have our strengths and we all have something unique to offer. We have worked closely with other catering companies and referred customers back and forth. Once we even helped another catering company on a busy Saturday when some of their equipment was malfunctioning. Better to make helpful friends than bitter competitors!

utah caterers
Utah caterers

Standing apart amid the pack

With all the excellent Utah caterers around us doing stellar work, we have to find ways to stand apart. We need to figure out what our niche is. We have been in business in Utah for 10 years, so we have had plenty of time to find our “thing”. Well, more than one thing. We have a few ways we stand apart amid the pack of Utah caterers. Here’s a list.

Signature dishes

We have a few signature dishes we make that help us stand apart. One of them is our sherry wine mushroom sauce. Take a look at our Google reviews. You will quickly see that it’s the most popular thing we make. And we make gallons of it at a time. There is rarely an event where there are leftovers. We don’t want to give our recipe away too much, but there is loads of butter, sherry wine, mushrooms and cream. All good things! We also are known for our chocolate croissant bread pudding. Buttery croissants, Belgian chocolate custard and vanilla ice cream make for a decadent dessert that people can’t get enough of! It’s dishes like those that keep our customers satisfied and coming back.

Utah caterers
Utah caterers

Including extras

We like to think of ourselves as unique in the way we include everything with our price. Many Utah caterers charge separately for things like real plates, servers or cleaning up. Not us. It’s all included in the price you see per person on our menus. By doing this, we eliminate any frustration with last-minute pricing changes for our customers.

Free wedding cake

Yep, FREE. How is it that we can offer a free, customized wedding cake to our customers? First, we have a great relationship with a local cake decorator who has over 20 years of experience. It’s important to our customers that they know we value their business, so we pay for the cake out of our profits. And we use a cake decorator that can produce any style or ideas our customers have. Whether your style is intricate or simple and sleek, we can make it happen for you. By providing our customers with a free wedding cake, we help take another added level of stress out of the wedding planning process.

Utah caterers
Utah caterers

Catering on Sundays

If you are looking to have your catered event on a Sunday, you might find it difficult to find any Utah caterers that will be able to serve you. In those circumstances, we like to come to the rescue. In fact, other companies that prefer to not do business on a Sunday send customers to us.

Ready to see the Rockwell difference?

What do you think? Have we convinced you to give Rockwell Catering and Events a try? Let’s have you in for a tasting so we can show you why we want your business and what we have to offer! Contact us today!