Party Catering in Utah

Party Catering in Utah: Choose a caterer that knows how to PARTY!

Rockwell Catering has been in business in Utah since June of 2009. In that time, we have gone on to catering literally hundreds of events throughout Utah. From as far south as Bryce Canyon and even up to Evanston, Wyoming, we know everything there is to know about party catering in Utah. We know the in’s and out’s of producing a successful event. Whether it’s 100 people or 1200 people, parties are what we do best. You can count on our years of experience. What kind of experience? Let’s dive into that answer!

Rockwell Catering and Events is owned by Ethan Ingram. Ethan grew up in Southern California apart of a large family. Ethan’s parents owned and operated a successful catering company in the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years. So that means Ethan grew up around the business, washing the seemingly endless dishes to keeping watch on the pans of prime rib in the oven to later being the top salesman for the catering company. Imagine life growing up around parties! There was never a dull moment!


With catering being apart of his makeup, Ethan couldn’t imagine being happy in any other career than event catering. In 2009, Ethan started Rockwell Catering and brought party catering to Utah! When you choose Rockwell Catering, you get the experience that Ethan grew up with being surrounded by the industry. There are some things that cannot be learned in culinary or hospitality school. Things like how to time large amounts of food perfectly or knowing exactly how many ounces of pork to plan on for each person. Throughout Ethan’s career, he has seen just about every mishap that the industry can throw at you. And has learned how to recover without interrupting your party. Party catering in Utah is a no-brainer for Rockwell Catering and Events.glasses

As you look for a catering company for your party, look for one that not only knows how to party but knows that the food should be the shining star! Take a look at the reviews on any wedding or business review platform and see what customers have to say about the food at Rockwell Catering. On Google, Andrea Filer said:


“We used Rockwell Catering for our Office Holiday Party last week and we have nothing but great things to say about Ethan and his entire staff. They were extremely professional and kept the buffet stocked the whole night. The food was delicious and all of our employees were satisfied! Thanks for making our party a great one!”

It is not lost on us that we eat with our eyes first. The food shouldn’t just taste great, it should look great to begin with. And that is easy when you use high-quality, whole ingredients. At home, the owner of Rockwell Catering, Ethan Ingram, uses whole, fresh ingredients when cooking for his family. So why not do the same for his customers? If we wouldn’t eat it, neither should you!

As you search around for party catering in Utah, your search will end with Rockwell Catering. You choose experience when you choose Rockwell. Want proof? Let us bring a free customized tasting to you! That’s right. We provide free customized tastings for prospective customers. Let us show you first hand why Rockwell Catering is the best choice for party catering in Utah!

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