One thing most brides and grooms think of when they are planning a wedding is ways to make their wedding catering in Utah memorable and unique. People get married everyday, but you want your day to be your own- a representation of your love story.

Wedding Catering in Utah

Here at Rockwell Catering, we know your wedding catering in Utah needs to be individual to you. And we love helping your ideas come to fruition. Over the years doing wedding catering in Utah, we have seen our customers come up with some pretty rad ideas for making their weddings unique. Here are a few of our favorites.

wedding catering in Utah
wedding catering in Utah

Personalized Italian Cream Sodas

Italian cream soda bars are a popular thing for wedding catering in Utah, especially in the summer. One thing we have seen our customers do is make up a few Italian cream soda combos for their guests to try. Like “Rebecca and Greg’s Sunset Engagement”. It was peach and strawberry flavors and was the color of a sunset. Perfect! There was also one that was “Mark’s Mix” and it was the groom’s favorite flavors- lime and lemon together. It could be a lot of fun to come up with flavors that your guests can remember forever.

Custom Fortune Cookies

We had a couple create customized fortune cookies to give to their guests as they left their wedding. Inside, the fortunes said a variety of things like “Look for ways to serve the ones your love” and “Happiness comes when we put others before ourselves”. It was a sweet reminder to remember what’s important at the end of the day. Click here to order your own custom fortune cookies for your wedding catering in Utah.

Embroidered Fleece Blankets

We have talked about this one here in another blog post here. We catered a wedding in southern Utah at a ranch. After the dinner and dancing, there were a few firepits set up and people could snuggle up and chat. Each of the guests was given a small fleece blanket to keep warm and on the corner was embroidered the bride and grooms names and their wedding date. It was such a creative way to give the guests something they can actually use again and again.

Personalized Paper Fans

Summertime weddings can be really warm, especially if they are outside. One wedding had personalized paper fans for their guests. On the outside edge of the fan was the bride and grooms names and wedding date. The fans were nice enough to keep to be used later. In fact, we were given a few extra by the bride after the wedding and they got put into the bag that goes to our kids baseball games. Even as the caterer, we always remember that bride and groom! Click here for a link for personalized paper fans.

wedding catering in Utah
wedding catering in Utah

Whatever your ideas are, we would love to help you make your wedding catering in Utah unique to you and your beloved! Let’s get on the phone and make it happen!

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