There are special moments in life that require an extra hand. You know, someone to take care of details so you can feel confident in the event you have planned. You want someone who can come in and make you look good, like putting on an event like a wedding or anniversary party is no big deal. When you need event catering in Utah, you want Rockwell Catering.

Event Catering in Utah

What does it actually take for a successful event? That’s the question everyone asks. Let’s first go over what makes an event the most stressful and then we will know what is needed to make successful. One of the number things that people worry about when they have event catering in Utah is if the caterer will show up. It sounds obvious, but one horror story of someone else’s caterer not showing can ruin it for everyone else.

event catering in Utah
event catering in Utah

Always on the ball

Here’s the best news: we have never, not even once, forgotten about an event. Is that a recurring nightmare that our owner Ethan has? For sure. But it has never happened. This is ensured in a few ways. First, both Rockwell and the customer get copies of the contract. This ensures we are all on the same page. Secondly, we touch base about a week before the event to collect the final balance and go over all the details one last time. This is when we confirm all details from how many people are coming to your event to the start time.

Starting on time

Another stressful part of an event catering in Utah is everything starting on time. You probably have a few activities lined up for your event and it all hinges on everything hitting the right start time. To ensure this happens for your event, our staff comes to set up an hour to one and half hours early. We aren’t too rushed so you shouldn’t feel rushed either. It also helps that we have been doing this for a long time. You might be new to planning a wedding, but we sure aren’t. We can help keep your stress level down!

event catering in Utah
event catering in Utah

More than enough

Another worry our customers have when they are planning an event is that we will run out of food. No matter how smoothly an event runs, no matter how successful it is, people will only remember you ran out of food. We totally get how this is an issue. Good news, when we do event catering in Utah, we never run out. The plain and simple solution to that problem is to make more than we need to. And that comes out of our profits, not your price per person. We don’t just charge you extra to cover making extra food that you didn’t need to pay for. It’s worth it to us to spend a few extra hundred dollars to make sure there is more than enough food. The best part is that we give you the leftovers to take home. So gather the family around the day after your event for round two!

What are you waiting for?!

Now that we have shown you the stresses are not only manageable but avoidable, let’s get your event rolling! We can’t wait to show you what we can do for your event. Event catering in Utah is not only our passion but our pastime. People think we are crazy because we love it so much. Contact us today for a tasting!

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