We’ve said it many time before: we love being in business in a place that is growing so quickly. Silicon Slopes is beginning to garner worldwide attention as a hub of tech and entrepreneurship. And we love being able to cater to the companies that are changing the tech world. We have done events for holiday parties, employee appreciation events, summertime family parties and grand openings. Some of our clients have been Executech, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Digital Marketing 365, Domo, eBay, 1 800 Contacts and Goldman Sachs– just to name a few. With companies like these, we love being involved with corporate catering in Utah.

Corporate Catering in Utah

You might be wondering why you should choose Rockwell Catering and Events over another catering company when you are looking for corporate catering in Utah. There are many catering companies in Utah that do excellent work. They have stellar menus, professional service and great prices. But we think you will like us better. Here are a few good reasons.

corporate catering in Utah
corporate catering in Utah


This year, Rockwell Catering turns 10 years old. That’s right, 10 years! We are pretty dang proud of what we have accomplished in those 10 years. We have worked on all kinds of events, corporate events being one of them. Over time, we have learned the needs a business has when they need catering. It’s very different from a wedding. Everything from guests needs to payment methods to planning timelines is different with a business. We have extensive experience in this and we can make the planning a seamless experience.


There is something Rockwell Catering does for corporate catering in Utah that no other catering company does. We bring in a customized free tasting to your place of business. That’s right, free and customized. It might sound crazy to take the time to be so personalized, but we have found it’s an extra step that creates trust and that’s worth it to us. When you have a group who has been tasked with planning a big corporate event, it can be hectic trying to arrange schedules to meet about the event. We fix all of that by just coming to you. Click here for more detailed info about our tasting appointments.

corporate catering in Utah
corporate catering in Utah

Delicious Food

Something we feel we have mastered over the years is maintaining food quality no matter the amount of people we are catering for. It takes certain skills and methods to make perfectly cooked tri-tip steak for 500 people. And it requires dedication to quality to make from-scratch mashed potatoes for 500 people. (Yes, we are crazy. We hand-peel hundreds of pounds of potatoes.) Through years of experience, we have learned how to create consistent food quality no matter how many people. So whether it’s al dente pasta or gooey spinach artichoke dip, we know how to make sure everyone at your event is getting the same quality throughout.


A catering company that does great corporate catering in Utah might make delicious food, but what kind of equipment do they use? Is it high-quality stuff or does it look like it came from Hobby Lobby or Home Goods? We use polished steel chafing dishes with roll-top lids. And much of our serving pieces come from either Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn. Our glassware is brand new as of December 2018 and it’s the good sturdy stuff. We take great pride in our equipment and treat it with the utmost care. It’s important that our food not only tastes good but looks good too. And when our food looks good, it makes our hosts look good. Take a look through our Gallery on our website and see what your food could look like at your event.

Give Rockwell Catering a try when you are looking for corporate catering in Utah. When you work with Rockwell Catering, you get experience and expertise like none other.

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