The air is crisp, the days are shorter and you are realizing that it’s time to plan your company Christmas party. Or maybe it’s the grand opening of your new office. It could also be the customer appreciation day you know you should be creating. When you find yourself in those positions, Rockwell Catering is your partner for corporate catering in Salt Lake. Let’s go over a few of the corporate events we have been helping customers plan over the last few months.

Corporate Catering for a Grand Opening

Recently, we had a company located on the East Coast contact us to put together an event for the opening of their new Intermountain West office. It was what we would call a last-minute event, with only a week to plan it. But it wasn’t a problem for us. This company was looking for a caterer that could come into their space and handle the food and set up so they didn’t have to. They also really wanted to focus on their new clients. And they especially wanted to give off a good first impression. Well good news for them, we are great at that. One of the most important parts of doing corporate catering in Salt Lake is creating an event, but being invisible at the same time.

It was a luncheon event and we provided an array of homemade sandwiches, such as roast beef on focaccia and turkey on croissants. We did a few salads to go with the sandwiches. Everyone loves a good Caesar salad, right? We also did a spinach raspberry salad as well. To finish up, we provided a few petite desserts like fruit tarts and brownies. The event went great and our goal of being invisible was achieved.

corporate catering in Salt Lake

Corporate Catering for a Customer Appreciation Day

If your business is like ours, you have really great customers. We often remark that we have the best customers. They become our friends and we love helping them for the various events in their lives. From weddings to work functions, we love seeing our customers through the most important occasions. One of our customers wanted to show THEIR customers how much they appreciate them. And we were honored to help them. We set up a taco buffet with all the fixing. The event helped our customer look good and feel confident. and for us, nothing feels better.

corporate catering in Salt Lake

Corporate Catering for a Company Christmas Party

It’s the end of October and that means our December calendar is beginning to fill. Some holiday events are booked 9 months in advance, and some call us a week before. And that is fine. We anticipate the last-minute Christmas parties. One event we have on the books is a small party for a construction company that is being held at an axe-throwing arena. They are pairing holiday ham with hatchet hurling! How fun is that?! On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a large event for a union organization with 400 people. Last year, they loved the prime rib, so of course they are going that route again. Who doesn’t love a slice of well-seasoned, perfectly cooked prime rib with au jus, creamed horseradish and homemade mashed potatoes? Side note: we talk about this all the time, but remember how we make our mashed potatoes from scratch? We don’t every want anyone to forget that. Hand-peeled, chopped, boiled and them mashed with heavy cream, salt and butter. As basic and perfect as they get!

A partner in your corner

You can rest easy when it comes to your corporate catering in Salt Lake. You’ve got a partner in Rockwell Catering. Having a strong caterer in your corner, you can feel confident in how you are presented to your employees and your customers. We would love to bring a tasting into your place of work and help you plan your next big event. Give us a call! 801-361-3001