As we kick-off 2021 here at Rockwell Catering, we are mindful of what this past year has been like for our industry. The event industry in our state has suffered. Gone are the live concerts, family parties, school dances and conventions. It was so hard to imagine what life would look like when this pandemic started, but here we are living it. And we are grateful to have still thrived. However, we can’t help but want to think ahead and we have catering in St. George in mind!

Catering in St. George

As we eye the new year ahead of us, we still have big goals! Recently, we have been putting out some feelers for catering in St George! Yep, we are getting ready to expand to southern Utah! The excitement of the unknown and it’s possibilities have us consumed! For many years, St. George, Utah was a vacation getaway in the colder months. The weather is perfect in the winter months and even better in the spring. People from Utah Valley on up have always considered St. George a welcome oasis. In recent years, the secret has gotten out that St. George is the best place to live, not just vacation to. The growth in Southern Utah is explosive and that means economic growth for all industries. We can’t help but want to get in on the action with catering in St. George.

catering in St. George

The possibilities are endless!

As we have examined the ways our business can conform to the way of life in St George, we are excited for the challenges ahead. When we have moved our business into new areas, we have enjoyed getting to know each region’s quirks and customs. What works in Bryce Canyon probably won’t have the same effect in Wyoming. So we learn to pivot and change with the location. For catering in St George, we know we need to examine how to keep food cold in the hot summer months so we can ensure optimal food safety. What additional equipment would we need to be able to do that? Who is going to have the best advice along those lines? As we learn to navigate a new area, we are pumped about the new people we will get to meet.

What can we provide to southern Utahns?

As we have looked into the landscape of catering in St George, we have seen there is a need for event services. There just aren’t enough full-service catering companies that can accommodate the growing population in southern Utah. We want to get in on all the action. At Rockwell Catering, we believe we have a lot to offer. Besides over 20 years of experience in the event catering business, we also have the needed skills to make any event possible. Whatever our customers have envisioned, we love the challenge of meeting their expectations. And in almost every instance, we learn something new that makes is better at our job. It would be so limiting to work with a restaurant for catering. Their menus are specific and don’t provide customers with much wiggle room for creativity. With Rockwell Catering, we have that wiggle room. In fact, it’s more like a full-length arm stretch room! We can bring the needed creativity for catering in St George.

catering in St. George

Let’s do this thing!

Who is going to be our first customer for catering in St George? We can hardly wait to find out. Let’s get on the phone and start planning your event for 2021 or beyond!