We had a surprisingly busy February this year. Usually, this time of year is a decompress time. And the time to do our taxes (yay). But this year was different. We had loads of events in February that kept us rocking and rolling through the whole month. It was a nice change of the usual pace. And we were able to do some rad catering in Park City and throughout the Salt Lake and Utah valleys.

catering in Park City

An evening of jazz

A couple of months back, we were contacted by Park City High School for their annual dinner dance. The jazz band provides the music for the evening and the kids serve dinner to guests, who are usually parents and supportive people in the community. We were asked to provide a bid for the catering in Park City and we were just so antsy to get that account! It just seemed so cool! Music, community and good food- we really wanted to do it. Thankfully, we were able to meet their criteria and we were selected to be the caterer for the event. And as we expected, it was such a cool event to be apart of. It was fun having the students do the serving and training them on how it should be done.

The highlight of the evening was the band. Good grief, those kids can play! What a delight it was to have a live band serenade the night! It was truly impressive. We can’t wait to come back next year for this special event.

catering in Park City

Another high school!

We don’t get to do high school events nearly enough. It is something we love to do! It’s fun to feel the energy of each school and the school spirit that can’t be contained. This year, we catered Lehi High School’s baseball auction. Each year the baseball teams of the Lehi High host a fundraising auction. And they have it down to a science. They know what items will auction for a lot of money, they know how to get people excited to donate and they have a huge support base. There were over 500 people in attendance! We were pumped to provide the food for this event and get involved.

Once again, the kids served. The baseball teams, from freshman to varsity, all served the dinner. They were directed to come help set up for the event then go home and shower and come back in a shirt and tie. So the team looked dapper! With so many boys available to serve, we set up two assembly lines. It was organized chaos! But we were stoked to get all 500 people fed in 30 minutes.

Goodbye old gym!

One huge highlight was hosting the event in the high school’s old gym. Lehi High School has been under major renovation for a couple of years. They are rebuilding it section by section, while school is running. It can make for some really disorganized days. One of the last sections needing to be demolished was the part of the school where the old gym, lunchroom and auditorium are. And this baseball auction was the last event held in the old gym before demolition the next week. It was a bittersweet thing to say goodbye to a part of the school that had been there for so long. But it also seemed appropriate to host that type of event there. Funny thing though, because everything was scheduled to be demolished, we didn’t really have to do much clean up!

catering in Park City

More sports!

Other catering in Park City we did in February that was something we were just jonesing to do. We just had to have this account! It was too cool to let it pass up by. An east coast major league soccer team, the Philadelphia Union, was coming to Utah to host a soccer camp. They needed a caterer to come to the hotel they were staying at and provide dinner for 5 days. They wanted each night to be unique and different. So we really got to whip out the ol’ menu and prepare some of the stuff we don’t get to make often enough. Things like our Luau Buffet and South of the Border buffet. It was so delicious!

We knew that everyone attending this camp was going to come to dinner hungry and ready to chow down. So we made sure to prepare more than enough food so we wouldn’t have to worry about running out. And turns out we didn’t run out and all went well! When we do repeated events like this one, we get to know our hosts well and we loved getting to know the Philadelphia Union and its whole organization. We can’t wait to do this event next year! Maybe we can dream up even newer menu ideas!

catering in Park City

One last event, but we didn’t cater it!

We went to one event in February that was amazing- BUT WE DIDN’T CATER IT! Rockwell Catering attended the Utah Taste Off Sugar Cookie Taste Off at the Jaden Event Center at Trolley Square. It was UNREAL. We highly recommend anything Utah Taste Off does. Not only are the events delicious, but they are also adorable. The ladies behind Utah Taste Off put together beautiful events on their own as event planners. So when they come together to create these taste off events, they are off the hook.

The Sugar Cookie Taste Off was between 8 different local bakeries. Everything from Swig to a small local bakery in Ogden called Brookey Bakes brought their very best. Our personal favorites were the Crumbl pink sugar cookie and the jimmiedoodle from Brookey Bakes. If you can, try those cookies. They won’t disappoint.

Ready for the next!

After having such a great winter, we are pumped for what springtime holds. Wedding season is upon us and that’s the most wonderful time of the year for catering in Park City and beyond! Whether your event is a wedding reception, high school banquet, corporate luncheon or family reunion, we want to be there to help you along each step of the way. We use our experience to make your event not only unique but smooth as butter. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you make your event memorable.