Celebrations are one of the best parts of life. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary, we all love an excuse to let go of the usual daily cares and let loose. As one of the premier caterers in Utah County, we love being apart of these celebrations. Throughout the years, we have been apart of hundreds of events that shape our customers lives. And we truly feel honored to be apart of them. People trust us and we don’t take that lightly. We wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite events we have been apart of over the years as one of the best caterers in Utah County.

Happy Birthday To You!

The most popular birthdays we cater are the ones older senior citizens. And they deserve a big party! Once we catered the birthday party of an 80 year old woman. Her children and grandchildren wanted to have a party that not only celebrated the full life she has lived, but also a party where people would sit and linger throughout the evening. And there is no better way to do that than with food. As the family planned this event, they included the guest of honor in planning the menu. So she was able to add personal touches that made it unmistakably hers.

Here Comes The Graduate!

caterers in Utah County
caterers in Utah County

Over the years, we have done our fair share of events for the universities in the area, but none as many as the University of Utah. We love the relationship we have formed with them and it is exciting to see the different events departments do. One event was for the graduates of the nursing program. You won’t find a more exciting environment! This particular event was done in the style of tray-passed appetizers. Guests were mingling and food was flowing, it was perfect. The vibe in a room like that can’t be matched!

To Have and To Hold

caterers in Utah County
caterers in Utah County

We have catered large lavish weddings at country clubs with multiple courses. And then we have catered intimate, simple weddings at coffee shops with small bites. Both types of events have the same feel: love, excitement and a bright hope for the future. As one of the caterers in Utah County, we love being apart of weddings. One of our favorites was an older couple who had found each other later in life after parting ways when they were younger. The bride and groom had been sweethearts in college, but had a bitter parting. They both went on to marry other people and have families. After many years, between a divorce and a spouse’s death, the couple was reunited (thanks to Facebook!) and were married in their late 70’s. Being apart of their extra special day was something we won’t ever forget.

Happy Anniversary, You Love Birds!

These days, we often hear about the divorce rate climbing. It can be a real downer, until you cater the anniversary party of a couple who has been together for 50 years. Nothing gives you more hope for your own relationship than to see two people who have stood by each other’s side for 50 years. Imagine the ebb and flow of thick and thin and the tenacity it takes to work together and come out on top. The couple whose anniversary party we catered couldn’t be a better example of sticking together. Their children planned an epic party for them, inviting over 200 people, young and old, that knew the happy couple. We were in awe of the love and support they had.

Caterers in Utah County

There are many caterers in Utah County, but we think you will find that we not only are the best, but also the most excited. We understand the trust you put in us to make your day excellent. We don’t take it lightly. Give us a call and let’s get started planning the events of your lives!

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