About Us

Rockwell Catering and Events is owned by Chef Ethan Ingram. Ethan grew up working for his family’s catering business in Southern California. He is no stranger to the kitchen dish duty or the front-of-the-house presentation. Ethan has spent years working in kitchens throughout Utah and California including Rio Tinto Stadium. He was lucky to train under Chef Michael Reyes in  Los Angeles. But his true passion lies with producing delicious events that run smoothly and make everyone happy.

When it comes to your special event, whether it be a wedding reception or corporate event, you want excellent quality, exceptional service and customized options. Rockwell Catering and Events of Utah can provide all of that with from-scratch, personalized menus and professional service and presentation. Whether your event is a small gathering of 50 guests or a large event of 1200 people, Rockwell Catering can provide the same quality and service. At Rockwell Catering, we pride ourselves on our flavor, freshness and a flawless presentation.

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    Superior customer service through excellent quality, exceptional service and customized options.

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    We pride ourselves on our professional staff and their ability to make any event run smoothly.

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    We use fresh, whole ingredients while making every effort to support local businesses along the way.

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    It’s all about the customer! We hope our service will entice you to send all your friends and family our way!