Wedding Venues in Utah County: Some of our favorite places in the area

Rockwell Catering has been in business doing wedding catering Utah since 2009. In that amount of time, I think it is safe to say that we have catered at all the wedding venues in Utah County. Here are some of our favorites!

There are so many types of wedding venues in Utah County- from elegant to rustic. You can truly find whatever style you want. For brides looking for a rustic wedding venue in Utah County, give White Shanty in Provo, Utah a try. White Shanty is the ultimate rustic chic venue. Concrete floors and rustic custom made tables make this place a wedding photographer’s dream. Clean lines and simple decor make this venue ideal for brides and grooms looking for a place that is modern yet warm and inviting. During the holiday season, we catered a dinner there for the Alice Lane Home Decor store employees. We were delighted to work with the coordinators at White Shanty. They are nice and professional and really know how to run a wedding venues in Utah County.professional CateringIf you are looking for your wedding catering Utah to be held in an elegant place, try Sleepy Ridge in Orem, Utah. Sleepy Ridge overlooks the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course and Utah Lake. You cannot beat the sunset on a warm summer night at Sleepy Ridge! When it comes to Sleepy Ridge being a Wedding Venues in Utah County, you will be so happy with the professional and friendly staff. They truly want to make your wedding catering Utah one to remember. The vaulted ceilings and grand fireplace really set a tone of sophistication and luxury. We love doing wedding catering Utah at Sleepy Ridge!

wedding catering UtahGive us a call and let us rave about more of our favorite wedding venues in Utah County. When it comes to wedding catering Utah, we have been around the block a time or two and we guide you in the right direction as you choose your venue.

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