Buffet Catering for Wedding_ Serving Options at Your Wedding

Buffet Catering for Wedding: Serving Options at Your Wedding

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! We truly believe we have the best job because we get to see people on the happiest day of their lives. How many other professions can say that?!

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty- planning your wedding reception! When it comes to your event, there are a few ways to feed your guests. We can do buffet catering for the wedding, plated meals or even just small plates of delicious bites. When we do small plates, we like to pack a punch in a bite or two. Small plates make for a simple buffet that satisfies everyone. Here is what our customer Suzanne had to say about her small plate wedding.

“I worked with Rockwell for my wedding reception. My husband and I wanted to have small plates and a variety of options for guests. It turned out great. The food was delicious and the presentation was lovely. I was running around trying to greet all my guests and the owner, Ethan, brought me a small plate of food because he could see I wasn’t eating! I appreciated that so much. Before the day of the reception, we met with Ethan for a private tasting and he worked with us on a custom menu that was well within our budget. I found him to be very flexible and easy to work with. He is straightforward, respectful and he gets the job done in a beautiful way. Also, the smoked salmon crisps are amazing!!!”

If you are thinking about buffet catering for wedding, you have come to the masters. Approximately 75% of our events are buffet served. This gives guests the freedom to pick the food they want and be able to come back for more. We use real metal chafing dishes to keep the food fresh and warm. And our serving staff keeps a close eye on the buffet to ensure that the food is replenished and that the buffet is kept clean and orderly. This customer Kyndal had to say about their buffet catering for wedding.

“The food was INCREDIBLE! We had so many compliments. We went with a more casual meal, BBQ, and it was delicious, hot and ready perfectly on time. Ethan gave us a free tasting, and worked with our menu for anything we wanted. The price was great, unbeatable for the quality. He also gave us appetizers included! I definitely recommend.”

The last option is a plated meal. This is just like having a meal at a restaurant. Servers come to your table with plates already composed and they set it in front of your guests. Then as they finish, the plates are taken from the table. Guests still have the option of having seconds, they just need to ask the servers. A plated meal allows guests to stay in their seats and chat at their table without people getting up to head to a buffet. Plated meals are more intimate and also ideal for assigned seating. Plated meals also help an event stay within an allotted time. Buffets are great for events where people can come and go. Plated meals help keep an event on a time schedule.

Buffet Catering for Wedding

Hopefully, this helps you decide which type of service you would like for your wedding. We are confident that we can achieve the overall feeling and atmosphere you are looking for. Give us a call and let’s help you plan your perfect day!

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