Corporate Summer Party

5 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Summer Party

Utah County and Salt Lake County are two of the fastest-growing areas in the country. We have some of the most impressive tech companies putting down roots right here in our great state. And there are even more up and coming startups that are making big waves and call Utah home. What a great time to be a caterer! We couldn’t be more excited to be one of the Salt Lake City caterers. And we love summer because that means summer corporate parties. We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help make your corporate summer party perfect!

  • VENUE! Nail down your venue first. There aren’t too many places to have an outdoor summer party that also has the amenities you want. As for the amenities you want, we suggest making sure you have running water, easily accessible restrooms and plenty of open grassy areas.
  • FOOD TRAVELING! If you are having your event in a more remote location like one of our beautiful canyons along the Wasatch Mountains, make sure your caterer is able to travel with food well. Not all caterers know how to cook food properly so that it travels well. When you choose Rockwell Catering and Events, you are choosing supreme experience. We have the needed experience and equipment to make sure your food arrives at the perfect temperature and consistency. We can also grill on-site if you want the ultimate in freshness. We have a commercial 6-foot grill that can handle any grilled goodness you want at your event.
  • DON’T FORGET THE KIDDIES! Most corporate summer parties are family parties. And that means there is going to be a bunch of kids. Consider adding something to the menu that is kid-friendly. As one of the Salt Lake City caterers, we take pride in making kid food that adults would want. Like chicken fingers? We hand-bread ours, none of this frozen food nonsense. We are happy to accommodate kids for your corporate summer party, no problem at all.
  • ICY COLD! Consider having dessert be something frozen. This might seem obvious, but you might think we can’t provide something that stays cold and frozen. Never fear, Rockwell Catering is here! We have all kinds of creative ideas for cold desserts like ice cream cookie sandwich bars or all-you-can-eat ice cream freezers stocked with all the classic favorites. We have the know-how and the resources to create something awesome.
  • SUNSCREEN! Don’t forget the sunscreen. Nothing makes for a terrible party like a sunburn! And no one wants to have the sunburn walk of shame at work on Monday. Lube everyone up so the fun doesn’t get sidetracked.

Corporate summer parties are kinda our thing. We know how to make things run smoothly and turn out great. We are one of the Salt Lake City caterers that love to party, especially in the summer. Give us a call and we can bring a free customized tasting into your place of business. We promise you will like what you taste!

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